Starting from v1.7, One DJ now supports using external VST effects.

Using VST FX in One DJ FX panel

 1)      Start by going to generic options to select the folder(s) where your VST FXs are located. The contents of this folder will be shown in the FX select window in One.

2)      In the FX panel options select add FX. This will open up a menu of all the available FX. You can add FX to the FX panel by clicking them.

3)      In the fx panel click the VST button to open up the VSTs own user interface (GUI).

4)      If you do not want to use the VSTs own GUI, then click Map button to map the controls you want to the FX panel.

5)      You can either make room in the One layout for the VSTs own GUI or hide it by pressing the VST button.

Using VST FX in Timeline Mode

You can also use some VST FX in One Timeline Mode, but due to the real time operation method of the One DJ timeline there is a risk that the VST might not work correctly or cause instability.  Therefore we recommend only to work with FX that you have tested to work well especially before using them live.

  1. Map the FX parameters to any FX panel
  2. To use VST go to timeline and right click to open the options menu.
  3. Press Effects..
  4. Select the VST effect you want to use and click the timeline to draw the FX curves.