Managing Timeline Effects

Clicking a track in the timeline editing mode and choosing "Effects..." enables you to add effects to your timeline tracks. The effect parameters are controlled with envelope curves.

The timeline FX tool bar consists of three buttons with the following functionalities:

MANAGE... opens up a pop up containing your available effect list. Simply click on the desired effects from the list to your rack to utilize them. Clicking the clip creates the first envelope point and makes the envelope visible.

VIEW opens a dropdown, on which you can choose which effects and parameter envelopes are shown and editable at the time. Click the eye symbol on/off to show/hide a parameter.

EXIT FX EDIT exits the effect envelope mode and hides your curves.


Editing Curves

Envelope points are created by clicking the left mouse button on an envelope curve. Then the points can be freely moved around the clip/track. The current value of the parameter is shown when the point is moved.

Points are deleted by holding the ALT key and clicking them.

When holding the CTRL key and dragging a curve point, a bezier (rounded parametric) handle is created. This allows you to make smooth curves instead of just straight lines. NOTE: The bezier handles do not work if there is no envelope point after the point with the curve handle. When this happens, simply create a new point anywhere on the envelope after the handle point.


When moving a clip, all the corresponding effect envelopes are moved also.


NOTE: The real time effects used in a more traditional DJ set are accessed via Effect Racks, explained in chapter Effects Rack Guide.