The One's modular mixer consists of components familiar from traditional DJ hardware and software solutions, such as controls for gain, 3-way EQ, volume, crossfader and headphone for each audio channel, as well as fresh elements in form of Frequency (EQ) crossfader mixer.

Choosing Components

All of the components can be hidden from the Preferences menu's "Components" section in the mixer's title bar - marked with a gear symbol.

The used components can be minimized and removed using the arrow and X symbols on the component title bar.

The mixer channels are automatically created when audio is routed from a deck and colour coded to match the audio source. This makes it easy to distinguish the channels from each other, no matter what kind of layout is in use.

3-Way Equalizer 

Three-way equalizer controls the three frequency bands of each track: bass (low), midrange (mid) and treble (high). Using these adjustments prevents the sounds of different tracks from mixing together creating too much overlapping in the same frequency range while mixing channels together.

If a knob is turned all the way to the left, the correspondent frequency range is killed off completely, enabling mixing without touching the volume sliders at all. The frequency range can also be cut off by clicking the EQ kill buttons beside the knobs.

Volume & Gain

The volume sliders control each mixer channels' amplitude levels. The VU meter on the right visualizes the mixer's output amplitude. The the master volume of the whole mixer is controlled by the knob on the right labeled "Master".

Gain control knobs below the volume sliders are used to manually adjust the levels of channels to match each other preventing unwanted volume peaks.

Headphone Controls

The headphone control element consists of cue buttons for each channel, headphone mix knob and the headphone volume adjustment.

Cue buttons choose which channels are routed to headphones.

Mix knob crossfades from cue listening (left end of the knob) to master listening (right end of the knob). The master listening plays the master output of the whole mixer, while the volume knob adjusts the headphone volume.

NOTE: The headphone and aux outputs in the mixer gear cannot be at the moment configured by using the Overview tool. Please choose these outputs from the Mixer Settings.


The crossfader fades volume from the channels configured to the left end to the channels configured to the right end of the fader. In the middle all the routed channels volumes are played at equal volume.

The channel routings are configured from the drop down menus in each side of the crossfader. The colours on the crossfader indicate the channel routings.