Mixer Settings

Mixer settings are accessed by clicking the gear symbol in the top right corner of a mixer.


Choose a MIDI controller or few to control your deck from the "Mappings" list beneath your controller of choise. Multiple controllers can be chosen, even for one deck, if desired.

Instructions on mapping can be found at the chapterĀ Hardware Support.


Choose outputs for your master and cue channels, as well as aux (for recording etc.) from physical outputs in your soundcards by choosing correct channels from the provided list. You can also route the audio to effect racks or other mixers, if desired.


CROSSFADER CURVE determines the steepness of your crossfader curve. The visualization on the right gives you an impression of the current crossfader state. Adjust the curve by turning the knob marked "Slope".

CROSSFADER MIDI allows you to reverse the direction of the crossfader's MIDI controlled behaviour.

COLOR selection gives you the freedom to use the desired colors in your mixer.


Clicking on the items on the components list adds them to your mixer.

Hide Titlebar

Hides titlebar and saves space.

Remove Mixer

Removes the mixer from your layout..