Using Audio Artery License Manager

Purchasing and Downloading

One DJ licenses can be bought at the One DJ web shop.

After successfully completing the purhase, you will receive an email with your password and the download link for the Audio Artery License Manager. Your login is always your email address.

After downloading the License Manager, run the installer and your license is ready to be redeemed.

Logging In

After running the Audio Artery License Manager, you will be prompted to enter your login and password, sent to you in the email with the download link.

Clicking on the "Enable Autologin" functionality allows You to later log into the License Manager without entering Your password again.

If You've lost your password, just click "Forgot Your Password?" and enter your email address, when prompted. You will then receive a new email with your password. Please note that the email address for redeeming your password must be the one given in the One DJ web shop at the time of the purchase.

Managing Licenses

In the "Licenses" tab you will be shown Your available One DJ licenses and installs.

To install Your One DJ successfully, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the "INSTALL" button
  2. The One installer is loaded and run
  3. Click "Next" when prompted

  1. Click "Activate" to activate your software license on that computer
  2. To run One DJ, click the "Launch The One" button in the bottom right corner of the License Manager

The One can by default be installed and activated on two computers simultaneously. The amount of Your installs and the used installs is displayed after the name of Your license. For example "1 / 2" means, that You've used one of the two available simultaneous installs.

If you are getting a new computer and want to move one of your activated licences, just follow these steps:

  1. Run the License Manager in the previously used computer
  2. At the "Licenses" tab, click "DEACTIVATE" and "UNINSTALL" next to Your One DJ license
  3. Install and run the License Manager on Your new computer
  4. "INSTALL" and "Launch The One" as explained above

The One Updates

The One application does not automatically check for updates.

To update Your software, please run the Audio Artery License Manager. The updates are shown on the "Licenses" tab.

Just click "UPDATE", if an update is shown and an installer will be run.

Account Settings


In the "Account Settings" tab you can change your personal information including name, company, telephone number, address, email and password.

Just type in your new information to the corresponding field and click "Apply Changes", and your updated data is saved.