Media Browser

One DJ's media browser tool makes organizing and preparing your audio files easy.

Media browser consists of:

  • Tree view (browser for directories, collections iTunes playlists and library)
  • File list window (displays audio contents of chosen collection or file folder)
  • Top bar including search field, preferences button and full screen toggle

Collections are user generated playlists, which can be stored in directory-like folders. Also the saved timelines are stored as collections.

The lists and browsers can be resized by dragging from the borders between list window and tree view. The whole library element can be resized by dragging from its borders.

You can choose which id3 tags are visible in the browser file list window by right clicking the id tag tiles in the top bar.

Navigating files and folders

Tree view displays the hard drives and folders as they are on the user's hard drive(s), as well as the user generated collections and the clip library. Individual files are not displayed here. The folders can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the arrow symbol beside the folder icon or double clicking the name of the folder.

Only one directory, collection or library view can be chosen at the same time by a mouse click or via controller, media file contents of which are displayed in the “list window”. The chosen directory is highlighted.

List window can be sorted using different tags by cliking "Title", "Album" etc. in the top part. When clicked again, the sortin toggles between descending and ascending. Tag categories can be added or removed by clicking the right mouse button on the tag bar and choosing from the list.

You can analyze the chosen folder by clicking the "Analyze" button at the bottom left corner of the browser.


For quick & easy access to your music all the tracks can be organized in Collections. Collections are customized lists of tracks generated by the users. Also the saved timelines appear as collections, with additional data concerning the location of the clip and transitions.

The collections do not consist of actual files, but from links to the files enabling a track to be featured in multiple collections without copying the actual file to multiple places on you hard-drive. The amount of your collections is unlimited and you can create a hierarchy for them, if desired.

Collections can also be opened as complete timelines in players, browsed and listened in the preview player.

Library selections allow you to view all imported music, only analyzed clips and only the unanalyzed clips.

Creating a Collection

To create a new collection just drag one or more audio files to the “+ Create new collection” space on the left bottom corner of the tree view. You can also add a collection by clicking on the “+ Create new collection” button or text. To rename a collection simple double click the collection title and type in the new name.

The chosen collection is highlighted and the contents of this collection are displayed in the “list window”. Collections can be color coded for more intuitive use.

The order of tracks within a collection can be changed by dragging the files up or down.

A collection can also be placed inside an existing collection, creating a subcollection. This is done by dragging another collection on top of an existing collection (which will make it a subcollection) or clicking “Create new collection” while viewing another collection.

Files added to a collection are automatically analyzed for beat grid and waveform, if necessary.

Track data

The metadata of audio files is saved to the same directory as the file and named filename.onedb. These files contain the beat grid, waveform data and cue points of the clip and can be copied to other computers with One DJ to avoid reanalyzing.

One DJ will not write anything to your original music files or interfere with existing data generated by other software

Using iTunes Playlists

One DJ allows you to use the library and playlists created with iTunes software.

When "iTunes" is chosen from the tree view, the list window displays yout iTunes collection. Clicking the arrow next to the "iTunes" selection on the tree view displays your iTunes playlists. When a playlist is chosen, its contents are shown in the list view.

When a song is opened from an iTunes playlist, it is analyzed and added to your The One Library. You can also analyze a full playlist by choosing the playlist and clicking the "Analyze" button in your browser.

Please note, that iTunes playlists cannot be managed (created, deleted, renamed) through One DJ.