Player Deck Settings

Player deck settings are accessed by clicking the gear symbol in the top right corner of a deck.

Selecting Controllers

Choose a MIDI controller or few to control your deck from the "Mappings" list beneath your controller of choise. Multiple controllers can be chosen, even for one deck, if desired.

Instructions on mapping can be found at the chapter Hardware Support.

Selecting Output

Choose output for your deck from physical outputs in your soundcards or route audio internally to The One's mixers and effects.

Player Options Window

SCRATCH SENSITIVITY determines, how dramatic changes your wheel movement makes on the media

SCRATCH SPIN determines, how long your media will spin when backspin style manouver is made. Value 0 stops spinning when scratch is not active.

SCRATCH START TIME determines the speed clip starts playing with, when scratch activator is released.

PITCH BEND SENSITIVITY determines how dramatically pitch is varied, when bending.

JOG (CD DJ) MODE toggle sets off scratch wheel behaviour, when on.

CUE mode selector toggles between using clip based hot cues and timeline hot cues.

LOOPS selector toggles from loop roll mode (track keeps on playing in the background) to basic mode (track resumes playing from the loop position when released).

WAVEFORM MODE selector chooses individually the style of waveform visualizing for player waveform and overview waveform. "Color" shows the frequency response within a track, "Theme" is a mono waveform with the same colour as the deck and "Filled" is a bulkier filled visualization style.

The brightness of the colours is adjusted with the "Saturation" slider.

COLOR selection gives you the freedom to use the desired colors in your decks.

Pitch/BPM Overlay

Toggles the pitch/BPM overlay visualization (also known as the "HUD view") on and off on your deck.

Save Timeline As...

Saves your timeline with transitions in a timed collection in your Media Library. You will be prompted to add a name for the new timeline.

Hide Titlebar

Hides titlebar and saves space. NOTE: Timeline Edit mode button and track title are hidden with the title bar!

Remove Deck

Removes the player deck from your layout and dumps all its ingredients. Disabled when working on a default layout or when your layout is locked.