It is what you make of it

For the first time amongst DJ software One DJ allows total customization of your working environment. Choose the gear you need and arrange it exactly the way you like. Everything you see on screen can be freely moved and resized. Unlimited number of different layouts can be saved and loaded instantly from a simple drop down menu.

Managing you gear

Choose the gear you need from the gear manager. There is no limitations on the quantity. Adding or removing players, launchpads, effect racks, mixers and browsers is always just a mouse click away.

Creating custom layouts

All of the on screen elements can be freely arranged and resized on to suit your needs. Custom layouts can be saved and renamed. Swapping between layouts is a breeze.

To Fullscreen & Back

Players, effect racks, browsers and other windows can be toggled to fullscreen mode and back with just one button. This allows precise adjustments in players and timelines, larger view on your folders and track collections and of course pure eye candy for your enjoyment.

Hide Function

It is possible to hide gear that is in use but not needed to be to seen on screen. If you are for example using a Midi controller to control your mixer then you don't necessarily need to see this gear on screen.

Now you can just press ”hide” from the gear manager to prevent gear from taking precious screen space.

Micro Level Settings

All the settings are set and saved inside individual gear elements. You can say goodbye to massive & complex settings panels and do things on a micro level.

Something old, something new

Player decks add visual sweetness and fresh ideas to the familiar DJ players' features. Choose the colours, size and orientation to fit your needs, One DJ's decks are what you make of them.

Unlimited Decks

Unlimited amount of Player decks give you a full control over the tracks you are playing. You can loop, cue or change the pitch of track like you would with any professional DJ player.

The state of the art scratch algorithm functions with minimal latency to enable original vinyl feel and sound. The reliable audio engine offers top of the range studio sound quality with support for all major audio formats.

Visual Mixing

Three different waveform modes to choose from all color coding to better identify individual parts of the audio based on frequency ( e.g. bass, snare, vocals). All waveforms go down to sample level which helps when tweaking mixes to perfection on the timeline. Waveform modes can be selected individually for each deck and set separately for Timeline Overview and Track waveform. The color saturation can be adjusted with a slider to optimize the look.

There is an unlimited zoom so you can get really up and close with your waveforms.

Advanced Sync

The accurate BPM detection will count the bpm of a track and enable syncing of two tracks by push of a button. All the loops, effects and transitions can also be synced to the bpm of a track. The beat grids can be very intuitively edited in Timeline Edit Mode.

Create Mixes and Mashups in Real Time

The advanced Timeline Edit mode turns player decks into powerful and easy to use audio edit stations, in which you can chop or combine tracks or even create complete DJ mixes while the track is still playing. Just drag tracks, audio clips and samples to the timeline from the browser. Snap to grid functionality makes synchronization of clips fast and easy.

Live Editing

When in the edit mode, you can move around the track without affecting the play position. This allows you to manipulate future events of the track while the song is still playing in the same player window.

Cut and Paste

With the Cut & Paste feature you can easily chop and re-arrange your audio files. If there is for example a part that you dont like, just simply clip it off. In combination with Live Edit feature this enables a powerful way of preparing mashups and mixes.

Prepare your Mix

Transitions and effects can be easily added to the timeline, so you can create complete DJ mixes without having to play the tracks out and recording them. Multiple position markers can also be placed within a timleine resulting in totally new and advanced way to place and use hotcues.

Advanced Grid Editing

With the advanced grid editing feature the grid can be easily set even when the tempo of a track changes. Just select the area where you want to apply the grid and enable adjustments from the drop down menu. Easy, simple and effective.

Save to Playlist and Export

Any mix, remix or mashup created in Timeline Edit Mode can be saved as a new playlist and then recalled to play by dragging it back to the player deck. All the changes are non-destructive, so you will do no harm to your originals.

Playlists can also easily be exported to audio with built-in audio converter.

Track and Timeline Hot Cues

One DJ allows hot cues or position markers to be placed in both the track and/or timeline. When choosing Timeline Hot Cue mode you can cut up multiple tracks and add your desired hotcues anywhere within the timeline.

Create A Perfect Blend

One DJ's modular audio routing system allows effects and mixers to be assigned to anywhere in the audio chain - meaning that for example effects can be placed between players and mixer, or used as master effects. This is useful if your sound system requires equalization or compression for the whole mix.

Modular Multipart Mixer

One DJ's modular mixer element consists of parts familiar from traditional DJ mixers - gain, 3-way EQ, volume slider, headphone controls and crossfade mixer modules - all of which can be hidden and bypassed if wanted. The channels are created and color coded automatically to match the decks on screen.

You can also create multiple mixers and flexibly route audio to and from them from players, FX panels and other mixers.

Flexible Effect Racks

Assignable effect racks can contain one or more effects, and can be assigned to any audio component - meaning player deck, mixer or another effect rack - available on your screen. The rack will be then color coded to match the deck or mixer used as the audio source.

External VST FX are supported.

Effects are added to the rack by just clicking “Add effect”.

Dynamic Overview Panel

The Dynamic overview panel of One DJ makes it easy to manage all audio routings. The overview panel also provides visual feedback on whether audio is routed and playing correctly.

Browsing Media

One DJ includes an advanced media browser that goes beyond the average by offering support for advanced timeline playlists edited in the timeline edit mode.

Search & Browse

One DJ's media library browser allows flexible searching with text input and sorting with artist, track name, tempo, style etc. In addition to your computer, you can also play and search tracks from network hard drives and media servers and iTunes playlists.

Advanced Playlists

Your tracks can be placed in playlists for flexible grouping. In addition to regular playlists, the One playlists can also include all the information added in the Timeline Edit mode. This means you can add multiple position markers, transitions, effects etc. resulting in a complete mix or a mashup. These mixes can also be saved as playlists and re-used by dragging them back to the folder.

Track Information Management

Beat grids and other metadata concerning the tracks in your collection are automatically saved to distinctive track configuration files on your hard drive. All this information is non-destructive and your originals are always safe.

Controller Love

One DJ is a controller age product and is built to be used with all DJ/Midi controllers. It offers super tight integration via MIDI so you don't have to worry about latency when scratching or performing. Just plug in any Midi controller from any manufacturer or if you don't find the perfect controller, why not build your own.

Natively Supported Controllers

One DJ instantly detects natively supported controllers and automatically maps all functionality allowing you to start using the controller in matter of seconds. You can also later edit these mappings yourself and customize them for your specific needs. You can plug-in multiple MIDI/HID controllers at the same time to control different software gear.

> Currently Supported Controllers

Intuitive MIDI Learn

To create you own personal mappings or to map a controller that is not natively supported you can use the intuitive MIDI learn function of One DJ. Simply connect your controller and start mapping the on-screen elements to match the controls of you device. All parameters can be indiviually tweaked to allow maximum compatibility and performance.

Modular Controller Mappings

To achieve the most flexible and convinient way to control the software, the controller support of One DJ is built modularly. Different software gear (mixers, decks, effects racks etc.) can be easily be used with different physical controllers. Instead of needing to create one big cryptic contorller mapping file to include all your controllers you can now just simply choose the preferred mapping from the settings menu of individual software gear. New mappings can also easily be created separately for different software gear.


Playing Tracks

Unlimited player decks featuring PLAY/PAUSE, CUE, PITCH, SYNC, LOOP functionality

Timeline Edit Mode with cut, copy, paste, move, crop, delete and resize functionalities and control envelopes.

Large super zoomable waveform showing play position and a small waveform showing whole track.

8 timeline or track hot cues/position markers.

High quality adjustable scratch algorithm with minimal latency.

Built in Mixing and Audio Editing features

Edit and save your mix/remix to project file.

Export your mix/remix to audio.

Mixing and Effects

Unlimited assignable 3 band EQ & crossfader mixers with headphone controls.

Adjustable beatgrid detection with sync.

State-of-the art zplane élastique time stretch allows BPM change while keeping the original tonal key of the track.

Beat synced effects and loops.

Unlimited effect racks with optional 3 band EQ, flanger, filter, delay and bitcrusher effects.

Support for VST FX.

Browsing Tracks

Advanced timeline playlists with transition, cue and effect data.

File browser with search and sort functionalities.

iTunes playlist support.

User Interface

Unlimited numbers of gear that can be freely added, deletet, moved and resized.

Factory layouts and possibility to create custom layouts.

Intelligent window management with border snapping and the ability to hide titlebars in order to show more content.

Hide & fullscreen features to optimize screen space.

Control and Output

Plug-and-play compatibility for selected controllers.

Advanced modular mapping with micro level adjustments.

Audio routing through multiple outputs or even multiple audio interfaces.

System Requirements

Recommended minimum:

Intel i3 or higher
Windows Vista/7/8 or OS X Lion or higher
32- and 64-bit