Free Edition

Start Edition

One DJ


DJ Decks with play, cue, pitch etc. Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited Unlimited *
Loops, autoloops & Timeline loops
Mixers with Gain and EQ & Filter Multiple * Multiple * Multiple Multiple *
Key Lock/Timeline Master Grid
High quality Scratch algorithm Low quality w/ mouse
Sync, BPM Detection & Grid Editing
Hotcues and Timeline Hotcues
Waveform options 3/Adjustable 3/Adjustable 3/Adjustable 3/Adjustable
Effects 8 8 8 + unlimited VST 8 + unlimited VST
VST Effects Support

*) Preset layouts have 2/4 decks and one mixer. More decks/mixers can be added, but only temporarily as custom layouts cannot be saved in these versions.

Custom UI
Gear move, hide, add, delete, fullscreen
User definable custom layouts
Timeline & Editing Features
Timeline Edit Mode Live Live Full Live
Timeline Tracks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Timeline Cut, Delete. Move, Stretch, Loop etc
Timeline export to audio
Timeline save
Timeline transitions & Fx curves Live Live Live
Itunes support
Smart Timeline playlists
Hardware Support
Master + headphone output
Ultra flexible visual audio routing
External audio card support
Pre mapped MIDI/HID Controllers
Modular Midi Mapping System
Multiple controller support
Operating Systems
MS Windows (Vista, 7, 8)
Apple MAC OSX 10.7, 10.9)
Updates Free Free

Price Free 29.90€ (incl.VAT) 69.90€ (incl.VAT) Limited to 15-60 min
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