Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing happens when pressing play (no audio or waveform scrolling). What should I do?

Click "Overview" in the main menu bar and drag a virtual wire from the mixer to the output of your choice (built-in or your sound card) with mouse. The routing is operational, when an animated line of circles flows from the decks to the output.

Can the EQ's be turned all the way to full kill?

Yes, the output is silent, when all EQ's are turned all the way down. There are also MIDI mappable kill switches next to the EQ buttons.

Does the flexible audio routing enable post-fader effects?

Yes, if the effect is placed after the mixer in audio routing.

Is there a support for VST/AU plugins?

Not in the first version, but we'll look into this later on.

Using libraries associated with other DJ software

- Since I will not give up on Traktor (at least not right away) how does the One DJ's library tags interfere with Traktor's? More in general: will I be able to use the same music files (mp3s) with both The One and Traktor without any issues or should I duplicate my music files for The One DJ? (I hope not, but just to be sure; I really don't wont my Traktor library messed up!)
One can use the same music files as Traktor. A new database will be created for track data in One and we will not write anything to your origianl id3 tags or traktor files.


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