Editing Beat Grids

Beat grids are used to utilize certain time-based functions such as auto syncing between players, looping and many timeline editing operations. The One automatically analyzes loaded clips and detects their beat grid, but music with complex rhythmics or unusual mix the default grid may sometimes be incorrect and in need of manual tweaking. The easiest way of correcting the clip's beat grid is to tap the “Tap Tempo” button in the player to the beat of the playing clip. However sometimes even tapping won't give the desired results and more hands-on approach to adjusting grids is needed. This chapter will explain the basic usage of the grid edit tools.

The grid edit is accessed by first entering the timeline edit mode by clicking the “Edit” button in the top right corner of the player decks.

Click on the clip you wish to tweak to view the edit tools and choose “Edit Grid...”

If only the orientation (position) of the grid is off the beat, you can drag the grid to match the audio.

If if the tempo of your grid is wrong, and you want to start from scratch, first clear the grid by clicking the “Clear Grid”-button.

Then choose the “Measure” tool.

Zoom in to the clip (using mouse, right mouse button held) and draw a length of one beat (¼ bar) with the “Measure” tool to create a Measure Marker consisting of the length of one beat. (TIP: By drawing for example two or four beats instead of one you might get this part more accurate. The length of the beat can be doubled or halved later with “x2” and “/2” buttons.)

The two arrow buttons at the sides of measure markers determine in which direction the grid applies. When a direction (or two) is chosen, only another beat marker will stop that grid.

View the end of the clip to see how your grid is now set further in the track.

Dragging any beat marker will result in scaling the whole grid. This means that moving the markers in place to match the beats in the end of the clip will fix the grid for the whole track assuming that the track has a steady rhythm.

If you have accidentally created unwanted Measure Markers, these can be removed by choosing the “Clear Marker” tool and simply clicking on the unwanted markers.

When the grid is set, click "Exit Grid Edit" and resume playing.

TIP: If you are certain with the original tempo of the track to begin with, you can also type the correct bpm in the Measure Markers' bpm box. After this you only have to check the phase (location) of the grid.


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