Current MIDI Assignments Display

When in Midi Learn mode, Current Assignments popup is opened with right click from any control that can be mapped on screen. It contains all information regarding the way messages from MIDI controller are translated to the action from which the popup was opened from.

You can easily remove control bindings using the x button in the top right corner of every assigned control.

(NOTE: The current assignment view was introduced in One DJ version 1.5. If your software version doesn't have this feature, please update your software using the License Manager.)

The following section explains every parameter in detail.


The "Type" selection includes all supported MIDI command types. Typically controllers send Note On or Note Off messages for buttons and Control Change messages for sliders, wheels and knobs.

However every MIDI controller is different and MIDI specification does not explicitly state how the messages should be used (especially in case of DJ software), so it’s quite common to see Control Change messages for buttons and Pitch Wheel messages for sliders and so on.

To accommodate for this variety in different device configurations, One DJ does not enforce certain types for certain controls. Instead it is left for the users to select the proper type. Generally, the automatic Midi Learn tries to make the most sensible choices, but these can be customized.

See the next pages on control type details:

Control Type "Note" (buttons)

Other Control Types (sliders, knobs, wheels, rotary controls)


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