One DJ 1.6 released

Jun 10, 2014

Release notes:

New features:

  • Traditional recording.
  • Enabled ID3 tag tag editing in browser.
  • Itunes smart playlists supported.
  • Mappings added for Stanton, Denon MC2000, Numark Dj2GO
  • Added elapsed/remaining in player gear.
  • Show bpm for Itunes tracks in browser.
  • Sync fixes & offset move in player gear.
  • Start wizard selection window wider.
  • Key info for track now visible in browser.
  • Enhanced usability of Midi mapper and added new mapping functions.
  • Fixed freeze bug in layout change & audio routings.
  • Fixed crash bug when loading a controller.
  • Fixed drag & drop bug in browser on osx.
  • Fixed mapping for several controllers.
  • Crossfader channels are now affected when changing layouts.
  • Freeze eliminated from headphone routings and external controllers.
  • Fixed a bug in analyzing where unnecessary duplicates were created.

And many more small fixes